Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby #2 is a few weeks away.

This pregnancy is just flying by. I'm already 34 weeks 5 days. I have all the baby clothes washed up and this time I am cloth diapering from birth. My newborn stash is 5 newborn AIOs, 12 newborn prefolds, 12 infant prefolds, 3 newborn covers, 2 newborn fitteds, 4 small covers, and 10 newborn Alva pockets ( with 8 still in the mail). I am hoping to use disposables as little as possible. Then once the babe is a bit bigger, she/he will be able to fit into my one size stash.

I am getting very excited for the new little one to be here especially since we didn't find out the sex. I am thinking girl, but it could be a boy. This baby definitely moves a lot more than Benjy does and likes to reside in my ribs. It is breach, but that is not a concern since I am having a repeat c-section on March 13.

I'll try to take some pictures if my newborn stash later. For now I will leave you with a picture if Benjy in a cover I made him at 3ish months and what he looks like now.

And also eating an ice cream cone today at lunch.