Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting in shape

Due to the coldness outside (it is really freaking cold), I am going to start swimming twice a week. It is a good low impact exercise that I could easily continue if I get PG. I am an avid walker, but when faced with windchills of -39C, I would rather stay inside.

To facilitate this new swimming, I needed to buy a new swimsuit. I had bought my last one about 2 years ago. It was great until recently. I went swimming in a chlorinated pool and forgot to rinse it out. Instead let it sit for a while in the wet towel and the fabric really broke down. I went swimming and the skirt of my swimsuit was almost to my knees.

So I bought a new swimsuit that is all black and seems to have a pretty modest top to it. Can't wait till it comes in and I start swimming in the evenings. This is the swimsuit that I picked out. It will go with the couple of bottoms that I have.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Cat- Bacon

Since I mention our cat, I thought I should share a picture of him. We got him when we had been married for about 4 months. Although my DH is allergic to cats, the minute he said I could get one, I got one ( like 3 days later). He is half Siamese and half NA short hair. When we first got him, he meowed for about 5 days straight. My DH wanted to get rid of him, but eventually the cat stopped meowing so much. When we went to the vet and asked about the meowing, he told us the cat was part Siamese and this they meow alot.

Not we would not trade the fact that the cat meows at us ( well when is hungry at 4 in the morning it can be quite annoying). He meows when we come home to greet us, he meows when he wants attention. We can pretty much have a conversation with him. He is our little baby right now. Most nights in the winter he sleeps on our bed and he loves to cuddle especially when I am on my laptop.

His name is Bacon. Not after the food, but after Sir Francis Bacon. Sir Bacon learned through trial and error which is pretty much what cats do. He is our Bacon Buddy, Pork Strip, and Bakkers. He is very loving and affectionate although he hates hates hates other cats.

Waiting for my doctors Appointment

It seems it is going to be a long wait for my doctors appointment. I am glad I went in to get referral back in October. March 31 is the day and it still seems a while away. In the meantime we are still trying. DH is really getting on board. He is really excited about trying and doing everything in his power to make sure that we have a baby to hold in our hands.

He even pointed out to me an app for the Iphone. It is called Iperiod. It allows you track your cycles, predict your most fertile times as well as you can write notes about each day. This will be handy when I go see the doctor.

In other news, I bought some new fish. I have had a tank for about 2 years now. I have black skirt tetras, cory doras, a pleco, and the new addition neon tetras. I bought 2 neons about 2 weeks ago to try them out as my black skirts are pretty mean guys. Well they survived so I bought four more neons. SO for a day I had 6 neons all swimming together. The next day there are 4. I thought the other fish might have ate them as I could not find the bodies anywhere.
Good news, they didn't eat them. I cleaned the tank today and took out the fake plants to wash them and there were 2 very bloated bodies in there.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New to the blogsphere

So this is the first post. My DH, M, and I have been trying to have a baby for about 8 months now. I got off the pill in May 09. Had a chemical pregnancy at that time. Been TTC since then. This will be a journey of getting PG and hopefully beyond.