Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our new house guest

DH's best friend moved in with us recently and he brought with him his kitty cat. Her name is Zoe Bear and she is quite the cutie. She and Bacon are getting along pretty well, but they still have their moments of fighting with each other. This is a picture of her on my bed this morning. DH's friend is out of town so Zoe is feeling a little lonely. So the two of them give me lots and lots of cuddles which is nice.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think about the positve

So once again AF has shown up, however in the second month in a row she has shown up after 32 days. It seems like my cycles are regulating with the metformin which is such a good thing. Down side though is that we are still not PG:(. However during TTC there is a bit of silver lining to not being PG, especially during the summer.

Two reasons to enjoy the "break"
1. Beer/ drinking
2. Hot Tubs

So although I am not yet pregnant, I can still have little moments of fun while AF is visiting.

And I am somewhat glad right now that I am not due to ridiculous high temperatures. It is so hot outside that I pretty much sweat instantaneously. It is gross and really uncomfortable.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My backyard Oasis

When we bought our house, there were many features that we loved. Our back deck was one of them. The roof covers it so it makes it the ideal place to relax on a warm day as it is cooler and often has a breeze running through it.

As well we have a very large yard. Although I do not have my dream garden yet ( but working on it) I currently have a container garden started in a section of our driveway. Here are some pictures.

Here are some of the plants, the ones in the hanging baskets are strawberries

My cat, Bacon, on his leash outside

Our Deck ( empty)

Our ghetto curtains that block out the sun. Hopefully soon we have bamboo blinds instead.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summertime is Here

Well I am starting to feel pretty good. The swimming seems to be helping. I wore a belt the other day and I usually wore it in the middle hole. I was at the first hole and could have made it tighter :). I am really happy about that.

The other thing I did was go and get my hair done. I have natural highlights, but I like getting foils to have even more. So I made an appointment Thursday afternoon for Saturday. I spent 3hrs and 45 minutes getting them done. ( My hair is long, thick and curly and somewhat dry). I just got blond put in and I think it looks great. DH isn't too thrilled with it though.

So here are the results

Before ( don't mind the random sunlight)


The rest of my weekend will be pretty nice as it is a long weekend and it is really hot out. I have missed the heat so much. Tomorrow will be marking :P, but I can do it outside :) and mowing the lawn, but at least I have another day to relax before going back to work.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bring on the Sunshine

The longer I live where I live, the more I realize that we don't have much of a spring. It is cold and then boom warm. Last week I walked to work in mitts, coat, hat and scarf, this week I walk to work in sandals, skirt and short sleeve blouse. What a difference 7 days can make. I planted some flowers yesterday and got a bit of a sunburn. The grass is growing like crazy and I think I am going to have to mow it soon ( DH gets out of the job due to severe allergies).

It was so nice outside that I convinced DH to help me pull out the patio table. I sat outside at the table and did marking and then after dinner I brought my laptop out and worked on an assignment till it was dark out. The only light I had was the citronella candles I was burning and the laptop screen. I got lots of work done. It is so quiet and peaceful in my back yard. The only sounds I heard were birds singing and the random car or person talking. Very relaxing.

I also let my cat go outside on his leash. He is a indoor cat, but during the summer months we let him come outside when we are out and walk around, eat some grass, and watch the birds. He was outside for about 2 hours yesterday and man was he tired out. He didn't even want to get up this morning to join us for breakfast, but instead wanted to lay on his bed ( He has claimed out guestroom bed as his).

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Fit

So after my little set back of being sick, I am feeling much better. I went to the pool Tues, Wed, Thurs. I have been trying to eat healthy and have lots of veggies. I still have some junk, but definitely try to limit it. I don't swim laps, ( well I do a few), but mostly I tread water in the deep end and do things like not move my arms and force my legs to work fast enough to keep me afloat. I spend anywhere from 30 mins to 1hr in the pool, usually depends if there is something interesting on TV before I head over or not ( I live about 5 mins from the pool) on whether I get there when it opens or I drag my heals.

My husband looked at this morning and said that I looked like I was losing weight. I have not weighed myself, but instead want to concentrate on feeling better, having more energy and having my clothes fit better. ( I was easily able to fit into a pair of pants that were uncomfortably tight a few months ago.) The great thing about swimming is that it is a nice low impact exercise that I can easily continue while I am PG. I bought a one year membership for the pool so that is more incentive to go. I can't say I don't have the money to go.

I am hoping that this combined with the metformin will help my cycles more regular and I will not have to do get clomid in 2 months.

I saw my doctor on Monday and all my tests seem to be normal and the metformin made my last cycle 32 days, which was awesome. This cycle seems to be heading in that direction as well. We didn't get to BD too much this month due to me being sick, but hopefully we caught the eggie.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some things are never quite as simple

I felt fine on Wednesday the day after my test, but Wednesday night I started to get cold. I put on my sweatshirt nightgown and slept with all the blankets on top of me. It is a little weird for me considering I sleep next to nothing in the middle of winter with just one blanket. I was still pretty chilly and really achy Thursday morning and had a low grade fever, but I dragged myself to work. I was cold all day and felt pretty yucky. I chalked it up to stress from my boss at work.

By the end of the day I was absolutely freezing despite wearing a sweater and my teeth were chattering. I took my temp again ( I brought the thermometre to work) and it was higher and was a fever. I then told my husband that we were going to the hospital. It comes in handy when you work at the same place.

I got to the hospital and while my blood pressure was normal, my pulse rate was at 140. The nurse didn't detect a fever right away, but it is cold outside and we walked the 5 minutes to the hospital. I got hooked up to a monitor to monitor my pulse and got a EKG. It was determined my pulse was high from my fever. She took my temp again and my fever was evident. This whole time I was still freezing though so she got me a warmed sheet. It was nice.

So the doctor finally came in and I got a pelvic exam ( the full thing) and lots of blood drawn. End result, the pelvic exam looked fine, but my white blood cell count was elevated.

I had an IV put in, but the first one popped and really hurt. I got 2 combined IV antibiotics at 6. Then got to go home and come back at midnight to get more ( which was hard to get up to do, but I did it). Thankfully I had the IV latch left in so I didn't have to get a new one each time. I got to watch the Daily Show at the actual time it played. Then I got to come back at 8 for another dose.

I was also given 2 antibiotics to take over a week. I still feel pretty chilly and tired, but my pulse seems to have normalized and I don't feel as bad as I did. I have a follow up appointment Monday. So I have an extra long weekend. Not really the way I would want to spend one, but my health is important.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HSG Test

and oh my did it hurt.

Next part is TMI:
She put the speculum in and cleaned me with a iodine/alcohol solution to clean it, then she took the catheter and clamped it to my cervix ( she told me it was a little pinch, but it was pretty sharp). Then she put the radioactive fluid in. Immediate cramping.

It was the cramping that really hurt. It only lasted for probably a minute or two, but man did it hurt alot. I am feeling pretty good now, just have some cramping and some residual fluid.

But the good news is that my tubes are clear. So it was worth the pain to get the good news.

It was my doctor who did the test which was a surprise as I thought it would be a lab tech.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy Busy

I don't know what it is, but as summer approaches and the end of the school year is drawing closer, DH and I just get so busy. We barely have time to clean our house, nevermind time for each other. There always seems to be so much marking, and events and activities to attend to. Once summer hits things seem to relax a bit, but lots of stuff on the go.

I am so proud of the community I live in. We are not large and we are not rich by any means, but today for a family with a young mother suffering from a debilatating illness, we raised $21000. Our community is probably about 2-3,000 people, and we raised an amazing amount of money today at a walk a thon for her. We had about 40-50 people today out for the walk and am totally astounded at the amount we raised. It really warms your heart when others are helped so much.

Tonight I have a year end bowling party to go to and I am on the organizing committee for that as well so my day is packed. We are having a supper and a dance so I will be climbing into bed exhausted tonight, then have to clean up the house tomorrow, try to do some marking and plan an activity I am doing with my DH on Monday.

On the TTC front, the metformin seems to be helping, plus with gastrointestinal side effects if I eat too much refined sugar, seems to be helping with weight. I went swimming 3 times last week and plan to go this week as well. It is nice and relaxing, although I am a bit sore from not being used to using those muscles. I have an HSG on Tuesday afternoon so I will find out how my tubes are doing them. Hopefully all will be good.