Friday, April 23, 2010

Back from under my rock

Well it has been a bit since I have posted so lots to update on.

I have been on Metformin, and it doesn't make me sick anymore. I am pretty good about taking it, but just have to be careful about having a lot of refined sugars ( like Jelly Beans). My cycle was shorter this month- only 32 days. So hopefully the Metformin is helping me to be more regular. AF is visiting so I have to go for bloodwork on Monday and a HSG ( tube check) on May 4. All in all, hopefully things are going well with my plumbing. Obviously not PG yet, but hopefully soon.

Things between DH and I are good, but the rest of my family, not so good. My mom has mental issues and she is finally getting help which honestly is a relief of 15+ years of odd and weird behaviour. She is currently in the hospital and has been for a week and I hope that she will be out when she is a- either better or b- with a treatment plan. Getting her into the hospital though was a bit of a trying time and a lot of stress.

School is going well and my online course is not feeling so overwhelming right now. Those two combined have kept my pretty busy and then add family drama, it was almost too much at one point. My DH's best friend's mom passed away as well and I ended up going home last Friday because I found out about 10 mins before my first class and I kept crying. I burst into tears in front of my students while waiting for a supply, but thankfully they were all good about it.

I started driving lessons and passed my mock G2 test ( road test) with a 92%. I am doing my actual road test on May 6th. We won't be able to afford a car, but at least I will be able to drive when we do so.

Hopefully I will be updating more often and not hiding back under my rock.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pictures of our Friends Lake

I went to a friends Cottage that is on a lake. I took some absolutely gorgeous pictures. This lake is different from others at it has a river running through it. Where the lake is located there is currently a layer of ice that is sitting on the bottom of the ice. Right in the middle, the river is the only area that has water in it. The water level in the lake will be probably pretty low this year as the snow has melted before the lake melted. Here are some of the pictures that I took.

The pictures that you see here are the winter pictures, next to the summer pictures so you can see how much the water level has dropped. In the winter picture, where you see the black on top of the rocks, that is usually the only thing you can see.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yeah and Nah

Good News:

I am finally going to get my G2 ( fullish license). Neither DH or I have drive and I am currently trying to rectify that. I have taken 2 double lessons so far and have a few more to go till I am ready for my road test. Hopefully I can do my road test before summer hits. We are looking into buying a good quality used car or van. Then Mark will begin driving lessons too, as it is much easier to find someone to teach you when it is your own vehicle.

Bad News:

The Metformin and me aren't really agreeing. Possibly because I have had a crapload of sugar due to it being Easter. This is only my second day of taking it and at 1/3 of the dose I will be taking it at, so hopefully things get better from here.

I will share pictures from Easter later.