Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Benjy is getting bigger

Benjy has his 4 month check up last week.  He is getting bigger every day.  At his 4 month check up he was 18lbs 3oz and 26.5 inches long.

He seems to be going through stages where he wants to be held constantly to being able to be more independent.  He really is enjoying being in his exersaucers.  He is becoming more aware of his surroundings and beginning to recognize words that we say like Bath ( or Scrub-a dub) time, booby, Mommy, Daddy, Bacon ( our cat), and Memere.

Here he is with is bunny that seems to be getting smaller by the day.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Making Fitted Diapers

I have tried making covers, but those didn't go so well as I have no PUL to ensure that they are waterproof.  What I can sew very easily are fitteds as I have all the material on hand. 

This is my first attempt at a fitted that didn't involve modifying a previous diaper. 

I followed this template

Attempt #1- Followed original pattern

Attempt #1  - Too big

Fits fine in waist, Large gaps at legs

Attempt #2- Shortened middle length by 2 inches

Too short of a rise

Attempt number 3 will involve shortening middle by 1 inch

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Suck pads for the Ergo with Pictures

Have I mentioned that I am cheap?  I hate to pay a lot of money for something that I can make myself.  I think this comes from the fact that my mom used to do stuff like this.  Mind you if I can't make it, I am willing to pay for it, but if it is simple enough to make, I will do it myself.

This is one of those things that I decided to make myself.  I really like my Ergo, but my little buddy boy is starting to suck on the sides.  So following the directions from this lovely blog Lu Bird Baby, I sewed myself up a pair of suck pads rather than buy some.  My sewing skills are not amazing, but if it is a straight-line, I can do that.

I made a matching pacifier hold.  

This is a set I made with flannel back and cotton front
Three sets I made for friends
Cotton knit front, Fleece back

I made a minor modification as I used fleece for the backing instead of the terry cloth as I didn't have any on hand.  Since this will go in his mouth I do want to make a set made out of all cotton.  Well I did make a set, but I screwed up my sewing on that one as they turned out two different sizes so it went into the reject pile.

I realize that my colours of blues are a little off so next time I am at a fabric store, I will try to find a colour that blends with my Ergo better.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Car Seat Cover Tutorial

I like seeing all the extras that are out there for babies.  Often times I like them, but honestly don't have the money to purchase them.  Being on mat leave is a blessing as I get to stay home with my son, but doesn't leave much extra money to go around.

The car seat cover is very basic.  Often when I make something, I will copy it off the original, but I didn't have one to copy so I used my handy dandy tape measure and measured my car seat.  The final number was 42 inches long by 30 inches.  This was the dimensions of my Graco Snugride carseat.  I imagine it will work for most others, but it doesn't hurt to measure it.

The car seat covers I have seen online often have flannel or satin backing.  I didn't want it to be too heavy so instead I used cotton knit.

So what do yo need to make this

Basic sewing skills
1 yard of cotton
1 yard of cotton knit ( or flannel if you prefer)
Hook and Loop

The fabric I was working with had  a width of 44 inches, so I just measured the length (30 inches).  I cut one cotton and one cotton knit at that size and sewed the right sides together.

I got most of the way around before I left a small gap so I could turn them right side out.  I then went around and sewed an additional hem around the outside.

The next step was making the handles to attach it to the car seat.  The first ones I made were far too long.  Cut a 2 inch by 16 inch strip of fabric. Then double it so it is 8 inches.  Sew the right sides together and then flip.  At the 4 inch mark, cut it in half.  Now sew the ends closed and stich all the way around.

See they are very long

I need to short these on mine.
At hook and loop at the ends so that it is easy to remove the car seat cover.

The next step is a little tricky, but at  4 inches in pin the first strap, then 3 inches and pin the second strap.
I suggest pinning the straps on and if possible trying it out on your car seat to make sure that it works well for you.  If it does, sew on the straps.  As easy as that you are done and have a car seat cover that cost a fraction of what it costs to buy one.  I think this sewing project took me about an hour to complete.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Moving myself to a new bracket, Petunia Pickle Bottom Snuggle Set

I don't know if you have ever watched Corner Gas, but there is an episode where they try expensive products like cheese and jams and then complain that they can't go back to their old stuff as they have been moved to a new "expensive" bracket.

I won't say that I have been totally moved to a new bracket, but at times, trying a product you pay more for is well worth the money.  I have an Ergo baby carrier.  They are not cheap ( although I got mine cheaper off a friend who had bought the wrong one), but they are a well made carrier and well worth the money.

Shortly after I had the baby, ( like 3 days later), we were in a boutique baby store.  I don't buy tons of stuff there as I cannot afford it, but the odd thing I really like I will pick up.  My husband ( who has since learned better) asked me if I wanted to get him an outfit.  I said sure.  I bought a Petunia Pickle Bottom set.  I had no idea what Petunia Pickle Bottom was at the time, but I thought the set was really cute.
Petunia Pickle Bottom Snuggle Set (Boy)

Luckily we got the set on sale, but we still paid roughly $40 for not a lot of stuff.  A hat, a sleeper, and a swaddling blanket.

Benjy at 3 weeks old
BUT you know what, it is a good quality product.  The sleeper fit for a very long time.  The hat was cute ( and lost somewhere in my house right now ).  The thing I love the most is the swaddling blanket.  It is huge, very stretchy and pretty much the only thing I can use to swaddle him in right now.

I liked it so much that I went looking for more.  Then I realized how much those blankets cost.  As much as I would love  to get another blanket from that company, I realize I just can't afford it right now.  But if I could afford it, I would totally get more in a heartbeat.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Four Generations

I have been absent for a few days as we went to see my paternal grandparents and help them celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.  That is not a typo.  They have been married for 65 years and in that time period have had 12 children, 18 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren ( soon to be 19 once my sister's little one arrives).

In this day where marriages often do not last for long, sixty-five years is amazing.  My grandparents still very much love each other and despite ups and downs have stayed together for all these years.  They still live in the same house my grandfather built in 1955, although it has had a few changes over the years.

My Dad was also there so we took the opportunity to take a 4 generation shot.

My Memere, Pepere, Me, Benjy, My Dad