Monday, February 17, 2014

Life just gets too busy

The kids are growing faster and faster.  Johnny is 11 months old and Benjy will be 3 in April.  It seems just like the other day they were itty bitty babies.  Not anymore.
The boys at Christmas.  Johnny slept through seeing Santa
I' m back at work now so my time is very limited.  Other than playing with the kids when I get home, I've really worked on crocheting.  I made all of us hats.  I'm working on my first granny square Afghan.  Ill post a picture when I'm done.
Booties I made Johnny.  I used an old pleather purse for the bottoms

Benjy's hat

My slippers.  I had to make 3 altogether

I've been really experimenting with different things with crochet and if I have time, I plan on posting some.  Well I have to get back to work prepping for my classes so hopefully it won't be another 3 months till I post again.
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