Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunny Baby Cloth Diapers Review

In pursuit of cloth diapering but not having tons of cash to buy lots of diapers all at once, I turned to Ebay.  As mentioned in other posts, I tried two Kawaii diapers as recommended by two cding friends.  I really like them, but sometimes they are out of stock.  So I decided to look for other types of pocket diapers to try out.

Sunny Baby Cloth Diapers come from China which is where many cloth diapers originate. As mentioned they are pocket diapers which mean that they come with an insert that can be inserted into the pocket.  They are one size diapers which means they should be good from 8-35lbs.    They come in a variety of colours.  I ordered 10 Deep Blue.  In hindsight, I should have ordered more colours as that is some of the fun on cloth diapering.
This is the basic diaper.  It has 3 size settings. Small, Medium and Large.  It only has one row of snaps at the top.  The outer is made of TPU with the inner being a microfibre suede ( not fleece)

Currently I have it on the medium setting for my  2 month old son is who 15lbs

The insert is very easy to insert into the diaper.  
The insert/ soaker pad is made of microfibre.  Sunny Baby diapers only come with one insert.  I prefer to use two at night so if you child is a heavy wetter you might want to invest in more.

All stuffed and ready to go.

The pocket is elasticized to keep the insert from falling out.

This is my son wearing the diaper.  Although the snaps for the body of the diaper are adjusted to medium, even at 15 lbs the waist snaps are still done to the tightest.  I don't see how a smaller baby would be able to wear the diaper.  
I have used these diapers for a few days now.  The ten I have get me through about 2 days.  I use a different diaper at night.  Even when the inserts are soaking wet, my son's bottom is still dry.  I have had a few leaks with them along the top and the legs when he was really wet and had been wearing them for at least 2 hrs.

Pros:  Really easy to wash and dry.  I put them in the machine on cold with a bit of liquid detergent.  I then hang the covers to dry and put the inserts in the dryer.  The covers dry very quickly hanging up as they are very thin.
Really affordable.  I bought 10 diapers for $50 and the shipping was free.

Cons: Some leaks.  This could change though as the diapers are washed more and no longer have any oils and such on them.
The waist is not as adjustable and would possibly not fit some smaller infants.

Overall for the price, it is a good diaper.  My son seems to like them and they are easy to put on and take off.

 Update: I originally posted this review 2 years ago. Since then I have continued to use these diapers for Benjy and now for Johnny. We have recently begun potty training Benjy who is now 30lbs. The diapers still fit him fine, although they were starting to get a bit tight. These diapers were part of the stash I sent to the sitter's everyday as they had no hip snaps and could quickly be put on.  The Chief preferred these ones as he found them the easiest to put on.  

Johnny now wears the diapers.  After 2 years of use, the elastics have relaxed in some and the PUL is a bit thinner.  The diapers still work great. I don't find I have any leaks any more as I double stuff the diapers since Johnny pees so much.  I imagine if I had double stuffed them when Benjy was smaller I would have not had the leaking issues. 

Another update on my washing process is I wash on hot now.  Hot kills bacteria. Rinse cold, hot wash/cold rinse, extra cold rinse with free and clear detergent.  


boys tops said...

People still think of cloth diapers as being messy and involving pins and plastic pants. But in actual fact, today's cloth diapers are as easy to use as their disposable counterparts.

Tony Wu said...

So sweet! Your boy look so pretty and that child clothes is awesome. :)

Carrie Wolfrum said...

Do you happen to remember what the sellers name was that you bought your son a baby diapers from? My mom bought some for my daughter, and I love them, but she doesn't remember who she bought them from, and I can't find them as cheap as everyone talks about them being

Meg said...

Sorry. Its been 5 years since I bought them. My little boy in the post is now in senior kindergarten. Try looking for Alva or Kawaii. Those were both fairly cheap, but very good brands. Even if you are paying $5 to $10 a diaper you are still coming out ahead of disposables.

Samantha said...

I received a stash of these diapers used for 5 bucks. 30 covers and 50 inserts. They look and feel brand spankin' new. I currently use plain cotton flats and prefolds on my breastfed 9.5lb 2 month old, and they stain more than I would like to see (need sunshine often.) In your experience, how well did the Sunny Baby diapers hold up to exposure to poop stains and drying in sunshine? Did you rinse poop immediately, or store in dry/wet bag until washing? I see you mentioned your wash routine above, which is similar to mine, and unfortunately deal with extremely hard water. He should be big enough now to use them hopefully. Thanks in advance. (: